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Visitor's Co-operation During Sanctuary Visit

Visit Gir with prior reservation to avoid disappointment.

Please observe the guest house rules and regulations.

When you are in the forest wear light colored clothes which blend with the surroundings.

Take permit and guide for sanctuary visit.

Observe silence in the forest and listen to birds and animals calls. Preserve them life style.

Night visit to the sanctuary is strickely prohibited & Punishable.

Do not disturb wild animals by blowing horns, playing music or talking loudly.

You are a guest of Gir. Don't litter. Keep Gir clean and healthy. Don't keep food during sanctuary visit.

Wild animals have a right to live and right of way here. Respect their right. Do not tease or chase them.

Do not light fire. A small negligence can creates a big tragedy.

Smoking is strickely prohibited during sanctuary visit.

Taking fire arms inside the sanctuary is strictly prohibited.

Payment is accepted only in Indian currency.

Don't throw plastic, polythin bages, water bottle etc. during sanctuary visit.

Don't be tempted for wildlife "Darshan" unauthorized.

Don't keep private wireless, walky talky or same type handset during sanctuary visit, otherwise punishable.