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Tourism Infrastructure
The Sinh Sadan, Forest Department’s Guest House and a famous hunting lodge in the past, was constructed in 1911. There are 70 beds (8 AC, 2 delux, 10 ordinary rooms and one dormitory) with annual capacity of over 16000 occupancy. This rest house is equipped with all facilities to cater to the needs of tourists. Tents are also pitched in the campus to provide accommodation to the visitors during peak period of tourist season.

Approximately, two dozen shops at Sasan are mainly dependent on tourism. Large number of people find employment in wildlife tourism at Sasan.

The Reception Center, Wildlife Orientation and Interpretation Centers in the compound of Sinh Sadan are used for imparting wildlife and nature education to the visitors. Film show is organized regularly in the evening at the Orientation-cum Interpretation Center which was established in 1980.

Three observation towers at Valadara, Kamleshwar and Khokhra have been constructed so that tourists can have panoramic view of Gir. Private jeeps, registered by the department, carry visitors in the sanctuary. Adequate numbers of guides are engaged to conduct tourism in the area.

An area of 412 ha covering all habitat types and wildlife of Gir has been fenced in Devalia block. The basic aim of creating this facility is to provide opportunity of viewing lions and other animals in their natural habitats within a short time. The GIZ (Gir Interpretation Zone) reduces tourist pressure in the tourist zone. A facility of cafeteria is also provided at GIZ.

What can visitors see at Sasan
Take a trip to the Gir Sanctuary in open vehicles. Permits are available at the reception center. A guide accompanying the visitors is compulsory.
Visit the Devaliya Interpretation Zone.
Visit the Orientation Center at Sinha Sadan as well as Devaliya.

Tourism activities are restricted within Sasan and Dedakadi ranges. There are following eight routes on 226 km of forest roads which are open for tourist vehicles after obtaining permits issued by the Forest Department at Sasan.
(i) Sasan- Bavalwala chowk- Kamleshwar- Sasan
(ii) Sasan- Bavalwala- Valodara- Kamleshwar- Sasan
(iii) Sasan- Dadhia- Kansiya- Sasan
(iv) Sasan- Ratanghuna- Pilipat- Kadeli- Sasan
(v) Sasan- Bhambhafod- Dudhala- Dedakadi- Jambuthala- Sasan
(vi) Sasan- Khokhra- Shirvan- Devadungar- Sasan
(vii) Sasan- Devalia- GIZ- Sasan

Sasan- Khada- Kerambha- Parebia- Raidi- Sasan
About 50,000 tourists including 1000 to 1200 foreign tourists visit Gir every year.