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Territoriality and Home Range
Lions are territorial predator, the proof of which is ferocious fights that takes place between males to establish supremacy in their territories. Lions pride has a well defined home range within which pride members remain confined. The lions squirt urine mixed with scents from anal glands through which it delineates its home range.

In a study by the Wild life Institute of India Dehradun it, the average territory of males lions in Gir has been found out to be 89 (+/-) 48 sq km and that of a female lion 24 (+/- ) 7.8 sq km. Season affects home range in lions. Lions are social animals and live and hunt in family groups. Group size varies with sex and age. For females it is 1-11 (averaging 1.3 excluding cubs) and for male it is 1-5 (averaging 1.4). Male lions spent 73-85 % of their time resting. However, territorial males have been found to spend 63 % of their active time in territorial advertisement indicating that the territory defence was the most important activity for them.