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Wildlife Rescue
Rescuing wild animals in stress is important for long term conservation as well for providing succor to people as well as for long term conservation of the species. Majority of rescue are of animals falling in well, or having entered farm houses etc, rescue of abandoned cubs, capturing sick and injured animals before they become a nuisance for people.

Gir has a very skilled manpower for rescue and handling of wild carnivores. There are three rescue centers in the Brihud Gir area at Sasan in Sasan Division, Jasadhar in Gir (E) division and Mahuva in Bhavnagar Division. Shakkarbaug Zoo provides expert medical services as and when required.

About 190 rescue operations were conducted by Gir PA management in the year 2008-09
The details of rescue operation in Gir in the last few years is as follows:
Number of rescue cases of carnivores
YearGir EastWL. Sasan
Construction of Well around open wells in villages around Gir PA
The government being aware about the nuisance of open wells and the threat that they caused to the existence of Asiatic Lions and leopards, both Schedule I species of the Wildlife Protection Act, started a project to protect open wells around the Gir Sanctuary. The target is about 17000 open wells to be covered in 3 years.

So far, about 10000 wells have been covered in the Brihud Gir Area. Corporates, Organizations and interested individuals can contribute to the Gujarat State Lion Conservation Society for this purpose.

This work is being done through peoples’ participation. The the beneficiary is paid upto a maximum of Rs 8000 per well covered or actual costs whichever is lower. Individuals interested to cover their wells are requested to contact the Range Forest Officer in whose jurisdiction their village falls.

Incidences of lions and leopards falling into wells since the initiation of this program has reduced significantly.