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Management History
Brief history of management:
I. Junagadh Gir
1878-1914: Forests managed by Revenue department. Trees allowed to be cut by permit holders.
1915-1934: Working plan by Ratnakar, 1920. Forests were worked for revenue collection. Grass collection was prescribed in Ronia vidi.
1935-1954: Clear-felling with reservation of fruit trees.
1965-1972: Worked according to the working plan by Acharya. Forests was worked as per the superior teak WC, inferior teak WC, Improvement WC, grass WC.
I. Junagadh Gir
From 1884-1894, management was with revenue department. Tree allowed to be cut after payment of fees.
From 1913 onwards Forest department was well organized regular protective staff was put in place. Grass areas were sold to contractors.
From 1974 regular population estimates of Lions and other species were done.