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Geography and Geomorphology
The forest area is rugged and hilly with elevation varying from 150.3 to 530.7 m above mean sea level. Slopes are generally moderate. Hills are of volcanic origin. There are 7 principal perennial rivers viz. Hiran, Datardi, Shinghoda, Machchundri, Ghodavadi, Raval & Shetrunji originating and passing through these forests. Soil varies from place to place. It is generally black with varying proportions of loam. The other types found are red, yellowish, white clay and sandy loam soils.

All seven rivers except Shetrunji flow towards south where the four reservoirs are located. Water table is usually up to 6 to 10 meters and water supply has improved at many places due to construction of four dams in Gir. The wildlife of the tract also depends on stagnant water in rivers and kutias.