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Forest Type
According to Champion and Seth's revised classification of forest types, 1966, the areas fall under the type 5A/CIa, i.e. very dry teak forests. Teak occurs mixed with dry deciduous species. The main forest types are as under.
Teak forests (type 5A/CIa)
Non teak forests (type 5DSI and 5DS2)
Riverine forests
Coastal border forests
Gir is one of the largest compact tract of dry deciduous forests and the only abode of the "Asiatic lion" in the word. Over the years, Gir has become a very stable ecosystem with tremendous regenerating, self supporting and self sustaining capacity. It supports a rich biodiversity comprising of about 450 recorded flowering plants species , 32 species of mammals , 26 species of reptiles, about 300 species of birds and more than 2000 species of insects. It also harbours a variety of endangered and threatened species and provides breeding ground for many migratory and resident birds.