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Eco-development is a strategy for protecting the ecologically valuable area from unsustainable or otherwise unacceptable pressure resulting from the needs and activities of the people living in and around such areas.

A pilot eco-development project was implemented under the WB-GEF funded India Eco-development Project from 1996 to 2004. Since then the eco-development scheme has been expanded to new areas and support to the existing eco-committees.
The pilot project had the following components.
Management and conservation of the PA- This component prescribes provisions for creation of infrastructure and habitat improvement / enrichment.
Nature and environmental education
Ecological research
147 Eco-development Committees have been formed so far Presently Eco-development activities are being carried out through the fund made available under State & CSS scheme.
Eco Committees of Gir (East)
Eco Committees of Gir (West)