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Area and Extent
Gir comprises of 115342 ha of Sanctuary and 25871 ha of National park with the total area being 141213 ha. This protected area is spread over Visavadar, Mendarda, Maliya, Talala, Kodinar, Una talukas of Junagadh district and Khambha and Dhari talukas of Amreli District.

Other sanctuaries contiguous to Gir form part of the protected area. They are

Paniya Sanctuary declared in 1984: Area 3964 ha.
Mitiyala Sanctuary declared in 2004: Area 1822 ha.
See the Notifications Regarding Proclamation of the Protected Area.
Notification Regarding Proclamation of Gir Forests as Reserve Forests.
See list of villages with forest area:
Area statement of Gir (E) Division:
Gir, Pania, Mitiyala Sanctuary53190.18 Ha.
RF (outside sanctuary)13034.91 Ha.
Unclassed Forest (outside sanctuary)6623.00 Ha.
Total72848.09 Ha.
Area statement of Gir (W) Division:
Gir Sanctuary92702 Ha.
RF (outside sanctuary)9873 Ha.
PF (outside sanctuary)10752 Ha
Unclassed Forest (outside sanctuary)1266 Ha
Total114593 Ha