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Research and Monitoring in Gir

Gir PA management conducts the following monitoring activities in the PA
Wildlife population management
Ecological monitoring
Sociological monitoring
Wildlife health monitoring

The following research studies have been completed in Gir.
1A study on Gir flora- contribution to the flora of the Gir Forest in Saurashtra by H. Santapau and M P Raijada, FRI, Dehradun (Oct 1952 to Oct 1953).
2The Asiatic Lion- A study of ecology and behaviour of the lion by Paul Joslin- presented for his Doctorate to Dept. Of Forestry and Natural Resources at University of Edinborough in May 1973 (Study from 1969 to 1972).
3Study on wild ungulates in Gir Forests by S S Berwick, Paul Joslin-Yale University and BNHS (1971).
4Genetic Research on Asiatic Lions- chemical genetic variation in geographic isolates of African and Asian Lions. Natural Geographic Research- by Stephen, O’Brien, Janice S Martenson, Craig Packer, Lawerence, Herbst, Valerias de vas, Paul Joslin, Janis Ott-Joslin, David E Wilt, Mitchel Bush.
5Gir Lion Project- A study to quantify ecological information- Predation Ranging pattern of the Asiatic Lion by Ravi Chellam, Dr A J T Johnsingh, WII Dehradun (March ’86 to 1990).
6Ungulate habitat ecology in Gir- by Jamal A Khan, Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun (1990).
7Vegetation and wildlife studies in Gir Forests by S A Chavan, MS University, Vadodara.
8Perception if resource management and landscape quality of the Gir wildlife Sanctuary and National park in India by Shishir Ranjan Raval.
9Geo-environmental studies on Gir Forest Area by C D Patel, MS University, Vadodara.
10Study of lesser known fauna of Gir with specific reference to invertebrates by P H Parikh, M. S. University, Vadodara.
11Study on satellite population of Lions around Gir PA by V C Soni, Saurashtra University.
12Assessment of peoples’ attitude towards park resources, Park management by D Debnath, Parul Rishi and S. M. Hasan, IIFM, Bhopal.
13“Wildlife Tourism in Gir” by Sunil Roy, 1989 MOEF, GOI
14Qualification of Environmental and Economic benefits of Conserving Gir by H R Pandya, R L Shiyani and I U Dhruj, Gujarat Agriculture University, Junagadh Campus.
15Study of man-animal conflict in and around Gir by S P Sinha, Dehradun.
16Study on impact of tourism on Gir PA by Bitapi SInha, S P Sinha, Dehradun.
17Study on impact of development activities with particular reference to industrial/mining activities on the Gir Conservation Unit.
18Inventory and conservations status of major plant taxa in Gir.
19Assessment of Water quality in major streams and rivers: ground water recharge in Gir PA surrounds and siltation rate in four reservoirs.