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Identify and delineate habitats of Asiatic Lion to ensure that population grows to 500 numbers in wild in medium term.
Identify corridors used by Lion and its associates for movement in the region, secure them and identify gaps and bottlenecks.
Support the case of having multiple gene pools representing widest possible genetic diversity in different geographic locations in Saurashtra.
Mobilize and provide resources for perusing:
i)Management Plan for management of the Gir PA network and other habitats of Asiatic Lion in the region.
ii)Long term conservation plan of Asiatic Lion that includes meta populations and gene pools.
iii)Facilitate conservation/ acquisition of vital links in corridor of movement of Asiatic Lion to secure safe corridors free off gaps / bottlenecks.
Facilitate micro-planning for effective and efficient eco-development. Augment and provide resources for implementation of micro-plans.
Enlist active participation of local communities in promotion of tourism through eco-development or eco-tourism committees for their benefit.