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Nature Education Camps
Camps in Gir Wildlife Sanctuary:
Gujarat Forest Department is conducting nature camps in the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary for the students of government recognized educational institutions and NGO’s. Free accommodation and vegetarian food is provided.

The objectives of the nature camp
To educate the awareness about nature and wildlife awareness needs among various strata of people especially students
To educate the issues of environment degradation and the need for efforts/ steps to be taken regarding the preservation of our environment.
To give a natural and practical experience of nature and its nature’s magic.
To educate young generation about the conservation history of Gir Wildlife Sanctuary including the struggle for conservation and finally the present stage of buffer declaration.
Paid Nature Education Camp
Nature is our great teacher. Learning nature and its wonders is really an ocean of knowledge. To suffice once learning requirement for natural forests & wildlife and an interactive and educative Paid Nature Camps can be arranged in Gir. Due to limitations in numbers, these camps are limited in numbers and it may not be possible to provide each and every applicant. None the less, these camps are a great opportunity for gaining firsthand knowledge from nature.
 Contact Volunteers
 Apply for a Paid Camp
For enrolling as a resource person at Nature Education Camp, you are requested to contact the respective Forest Division.
General Guidelines and Instruction for NECs
Application and self declaration form to be sent in prescribed format to concerned division office through the head of the institution concerned.
Only one camp per educational institution is allowed throughout the sanctuary /National Park’s/ Other Protected area during a financial year.
A self declaration should be produced along with the application stating that “ No camps is availed in any sanctuary /National Park’s/ Other Protected area during the financial year.
If the school/institutions/organization found guilty of applying or availing more than one camp in another sanctuary /National Park’s/ Other Protected area during a financial year they may be black listed and no camps will be allowed in sanctuary /National Park’s/ Other Protected area in Gujarat in future
Preference will be given to the institutions from the adjoining areas /Panchayat jurisdiction/ District.
The locations for the camps within the division are to be decided by the concerned division.
The ideal number of participants in a camp is 35 including accompanying staff.
Duration of camps will be 2 days.
Simple, hygienic vegetarian foods is served for nature camp participants
Points to be kept in mind while attending nature education camps in Gir:
Nature camp is for awareness nature and education not for amusement.
Participants are requested to wear subdued colour clothes and not to carry plastic wrapped food items, Poly bags, musical instruments and valuable items
Match boxes, other inflammables and firearms are not allowed in the Wildlife Sanctuary
Instructions by the park authority should be strictly followed failing which the person/institution/organisation is be expelled from the camp and will not be eligible for availing camps in future in Gir Wildlife Sanctuary.