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Information for Visitors
1Sakkarbaug Zoo Open for tourists throughout the week from 09:00 hrs to 18:30 hrs except on Wednesday.
2Location Junagdh on the Rajkot-Junagadh N.H.N0.8B [Ahmedabad-Somnath]
3Distances 327 Km. from Ahmedabad-100 Km. from Rajkot 58 Km. from Sasan Eco-tourism centre for the Gir P.A.
4Airports Rajkot-100 Km, Ahmedabad-327 Km, Bhavnagar-. 205 Km.
5Railway Station Junagadh-on the Western Railway of India.
6Bus Station Junagdh-Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation and private travels.
7Overall Climate Tropical monsoon, Average Max. Temp, in summer 440C. Min. in winter 60C. Summer-March to June. Monsoon[Rains]-Mid June to Mid October