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The Society shall prepare a detailed Annual Plan of Operations (APO) based on various requirements of in-situ conservation of Asiatic Lion and its habitat in and around Gir and to meet other objectives of the Society. This APO shall be prepared in accordance with long term management strategy for conservation of Lion and its associates in Gir and adjoining area as well as funds available or anticipated to be available to the Society. The APO shall be presented to the committee of the society in its annual meeting for approval and shall be reviewed form time to time prior to submission to the committee it shall be submitted to C WLW for approval.
The society shall provide technical assistance and guidance to the state government and management of Gir and such other habitats of Lion.
The society may commission studies and sponsor research to address its objectives.
The society may provide inputs of human resource and finance for addressing issues of:
(a)habitat management
(b)Man animal conflict
(e)Human resource development
In discharge of its functions society shall engage personal and / or consultants on contract for fixed period.
The society may organize a campaign to raise awareness on conservation issues through various means of communication. It may document, develop, publish and disseminate relevant material, data scientific details for the purpose.
The society shall strive to raise funds through various means to address its objectives.
The society may enter into MOU / contract in pursuance of its objectives.
The society may perform such other function as requested by the state government and / or the Chief Wildlife Warden.