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Fact & Figures
Average body size of a male lion is 262 cm long and that of a lioness is 245 cm. Average weight 160 kg and 125 kg for lion and lionesses respectively.
Adult lions has tawny colour. Lions have moderate mane between ears. It develops rapidly at the age of two years. The coat thickness changes with seasons.
The temperament of lions is cool and tolerant to human presence but they may attack if humans venture too close.
Territorial advertisement by roaring, scrapping and spraying is done by adult males. It is only member of cat family which is truly gregarious.
Lions hunt together and it has been observed that a group lions hunting together have a higher chance of success than a solitary lion hunt due to division of labour during hunting, protecting and guarding while eating.
The largest tenure of males within a pride is six years. The whiskers, special sensory hairs are used as alternative sensory device in the dark.
Lions do not have a very strong sense of smell. However sense of hearing is very strong. Sense of sight is exceptionally acute especially in detecting the slightest movement.
Vocalisation like growling, snarling, mewing, grunting and roaring are some of the usual calls.
The roar of the male lion can be heard for miles around. The main purpose is to claim exclusive rights over a territory. Life span is about 14 to 15 years in the wild.