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Breeding Programme
Controlled Breeding Programme of Asiatic LionsResearch inspired by the IUCN Cat Specialist group revealed that nearly all the captive lions around the world, which were thought to be Asiatic, were genetically impure. Now nearly all zoos have realised & accepted the importance of maintaining pure bloodlines. The Sakkarbaug Zoo has maintained the purity of its stock of Asiatic Lions, and over the last forty years it has bred nearly 34 Asiatic Lions currently in captivity. The Sakkarbaug Zoo maintains the Indian Regiona Stud Book for the Asiatic Lion. Controlled breeding is organized so that the wild Lions, which are temprarily housed at the Zoo, are mated with the captive bred animals of the specie. The Sakkarbaug Zoo captures wounded or ill Lions, nurses them back to health and returns them to their original habitat. Such wild lions are used for breeding purpose, before they are released back to their original habitat.