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About Sasan Gir
Sasan, a small village situated on the bank of Hiran river, and historically known tourist spot from the period of the Nawab of Junagadh. This village is 50 km. away from Somnath, a famous religious place for Hindus. Small railway station in the village on Veraval-Khijadia meter gauge, is 60 km away from Junagadh. As per available records, lion shows started from 1959 and continued till 1987 by providing live bait to the carnivore. These days there are no lion shows but tourist can have a safari inside the forest in open jeeps.

Wildlife tourism is restricted to areas of Sasan & Dedakadi ranges. An area of 412 ha. covering all habitat types & wildlife of Gir in Dewalia block has been fenced with chainlink with chain of height 2.5 m from ground all around to create an enclosure for free movement of wildlife. This is called the Gir Interpreatation Zone. Lions do not cross the enclosure whereas Leopards sometimes do. There are three roads covering a total distance of 24 the GIZ. Lions, bluebull, wildboar, chital, chinkara, blackbuck and other animals are kept in the GIZ where visitors can easily observe wildlife. Roads, firelines and waterholes are maintained, and lions are fed in feeding cages. There are interpretation centers at Sasan as well as Devaliya.

Within the last five-years, tourism facility at Sasan Gir and Devaliya Interpretation Zone has increased manifolds. Sasan has a small village market where essential items for daily use can be availed. There is a PHC in the village. The nearest town is Talala 15 km away, where emergency medical facilities can also be availed.