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Environment Education Programs
In order to reach the local communities, students, tourists and other target groups, different theme based packages of environmental education programs are designed for implementation. They are as follows
 Celebration of designated environmental days would be carried out in villages, schools, for PA staffs and tourists to create awareness about significance of these days through different activities like poster campaign, village meeting, workshops, children’s competitions etc .
 Publication of booklets, broachers, leaflets in vernacular language about Gir, benefit of Gir, threats to Gir for local communities and students of nearby school.
 Introduction of audio-visual campaign that started with release of a audio cassettes on Gir would be further strengthened with a film on Gir in vernacular language, presenting the local perspective. Regular film, slide shows and interaction sessions will be organized in different villages, maldhari nesses with help of qualified and experienced nature educators.
 Gir Environment Education Centre’s that function as institutions that seeds the concept of nature education in pupils and teachers of schools in the proximity of the Gir Sanctuary.
 Hoardings at different temple complexes including the entry points for the pilgrims to the Gir to educated them about the conservation values of Gir including do’s don’ts.
 Encouraging participants to take up the voluntary work of mentors and resource persons to transfer the knowledge to the next generation.
 Interpretation programmers for tourists.
 Preparation of educative reading material on Ecosystem Management, bio-diversity, Soil Moisture Conservation, Village Eco-development, People’s Participations etc., in vernacular for the use of PA staffs and local communities.